VegPlotter's Monthly Newsletter

I'm planning on restarting the VegPlotter free monthly newsletter. This includes:

  • Articles of all things vegetable gardening,
  • tips on how to get the most from your garden, and
  • other cool stuff that has interested me that I think you will like too.

As always, if you have any questions drop me an email.

thanks Richard (richard@vegplotter.com)

VegPlotter's Custom Plants feature requires a VegPlotter Advanced Subscription

If you're interested in using this feature you can upgrade your account at the Account page

What is the Custom Plants feature

What does the custom plants feature provide you? Well...:

  • You can create custom plants using an existing plant as a template, or from a planting row/square on the plot. If on the plot it will copy the planting schedule and spacings set.
  • You can add your own growing instructions/notes, plant family and default plant spacings.
  • You can customise the planting schedules for your custom plants so that they match when you actually sow, plant and harvest them each year.
  • You can filter your custom plants on the plot's plant menu so that you can easily find and add them to your plans.
  • Custom Plants will throw Crop Rotation warnings just like standard plants based on the plant Family you choose.