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A really tough decision! Free no more.

VegPlotter is moving from a free to a paid-for service

VegPlotter has been free for all to use for over 6 years. But the rise in its use over the last two years has meant that the costs needed to run it have escalated. March was a VERY expensive month for VegPlotter and even with all your very kind donations, I cannot sustain it as a free service.

I hoped that the release of the Custom Plants feature as a Supporter Only feature would tempt more people to support VegPlotter, and it has. But it has not been enough to counteract the cost increases.

So I am left with only one option, to move VegPlotter into a new phase of being a paid-for service. I hope you all understand.

I plan to roll out the change on Monday (18th April).

It's not all bad though as I believe making this change will help me to put more time and resources in to developing it.

I've set an annual price that is still cheaper than the alternatives out there and I've also kept VegPlotter free for schools and pupils to use.

As a thank you to those that donated to VegPlotter. If you did support VegPlotter previously you'll be automatically subscribed and get a free year of the VegPlotter Advanced package which includes the Custom Plants.

Once again, thank you for all your support! I really appreciated it. This was not a decision I wanted to make.


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How to share your garden plan with others

Sharing your garden plans with others online is a great way to tap in to the weather of gardening experience and knowledge out there.

One of the great things about VegPlotter is that it allows you to try out ideas before committing them to the garden. For example, you can try out layouts, planting schedules, or both with the garden planner. VegPlotter lets you plot them out beforehand and change your mind before setting foot in the garden.

One extension of this is the ability to share your plans with others. Letting others fully explore your layout and planting schedules month by month is a great way to gain from their experience. There are vast gardening communities out there, and tapping into and contributing to their wisdom is a great way to build up your knowledge.

This quick guide will show you three ways of sharing your plans with others.

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Vegetable Beds of All Shapes and Sizes

This quick how to shows you how to add beds of any shape and size to your VegPlotter vegetable garden plans

VegPlotter's Vegetable Garden Planning app allows you to create garden plans of all shapes and sizes. Part of this is though the way you can manipulate vegetable beds into of any shape.

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How to set your preferred unit of measure and enter measurements in VegPlotter?

VegPlotter's free garden planner is very fliexible with the units of measure it accepts and can display.

When you first launch VegPlotter it will default to use Metres (or Meters if you're outside the UK). But this is not hardcoded and you can change this to any of the following measurements, including those weird and wonderful ones used by allotment societies and old-timer gardeners and surveyors (pole, perch and rod etc).

To change your preferred unit of measure...

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How to change the default plant row direction

How to change the row directions for new plants added to your vegetable garden plan

VegPlotter has a unique drag and drop mechanism that helps you quickly and easily add rows of plants to your garden plans. The default row direction for plants in a bed is vertical (when looking at your garden plan). But you can easily change the default planting row direction for each bed as follows.

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