Get Kids Growing!

I want to get more people growing their own food. I feel this is key to people's health and wellbeing as well as providing many Environmental benefits.

Kids are a crucial part of that goal. That's why I have created the VegPlotter Schools portal.

With a free VegPlotter teacher's account, your pupils can anonymously use VegPlotter to plan out their school garden layout as well as their vegetable growing year. I hope that providing this capability to you as schools/teachers will help you inspire more kids (and families) to grow their own food.

VegPlotter Founder

Help pupils learn...

Maths and Geography

Surveying their garden, using some twine or counting strides will quickly give your pupils a rough measurements of their school garden

Planning and design

pupils can then planout their school garden using VegPlotter's simple drag and drop interface

Horticulture and Science

Learning about seasonality and how the climate affects what can be grown. Pupils can plan out what they want to plant.

Let them learn about food and gardening on technology...
where they're already experts

Works with the latest web browsers...

...On desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile