Get organised with our Free Vegetable Garden Planner and Garden Design Software

We want you to triumph and deliver your most organised and productive vegetable garden! That's why we built VegPlotter.

No more forgetting what you wanted to plant, when or where. You can design your garden in minutes, using our free Vegetable Garden Planner with its simple drag and drop interface. Then, plan out your planting calendar as far into the future as you want.

I hope you enjoy it.

VegPlotter Founder

It's as simple as...

Measure out your plot

Using some twine or counting strides will quickly give you rough measurements of your plot and beds

Add beds, paths and structures

Use the simple drag and drop interface to add your plot

Plan your planting year

Plan your allotment month by month adding plants as they go in or plan months/years ahead

Check your plans

Use your smartphone to check/update your monthly plans from your allotment or garden

Simple drag and drop interface

Quickly fill your beds with vegetables using the simple drag and drop interface

Works with the latest web browsers...

...On desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile

Extensive Features

Unique Month by Month approach

With our month by month approach you can plan all aspects of your vegetable garden as far in to the future as you need...

from when to sow your seed, to when to put up your plant supports or cloches.

Companion Planting

Our Garden Planner lets you know what plants go well together.

Select a plant on your plan and a list of good companions for it appears in the menu.

Crop Rotation Conflicts

Avoid plant pests and deseases.

The planner will warn you if your are planning to put similar plants in the same spot.

Journal Your Progress

Track and record the progress of your garden plan by adding notes and photos to items on your garden plan.

Never forget planting instructions: Take a picture of your the seed packets and upload the the planting row in your garden plan.