What do you get if you cross a very keen allotmenteer [Me], an extremely patient family and 18 months of very little sleep?….An awesome tool for planning your fruit and vegetable garden that’s what! :0)

What is VegPlotter

VegPlotter is an online software tool born out of a need to get organised on the allotment plot. We provide an online vegetable garden planner to make planning your vegetable patch or allotment simple and easy.

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned fruit and vegetable grower, have a small kitchen garden or run multiple full size allotment plots. VegPlotter can help you get on top of it and ensure you have a productive and stress free plot.

Founded by me Richard Lewis (@overgrownplot) with help from Vicki (my wife) and many other helpers (extra special thanks goes to Karrie Brown from www.karriebrowndesign.com for creating the beautiful fruit, veg and structure icons, Barry for helping with the backend and everyone who helped out adding vegetables and testing the site).

About Us

We are a small family run business from our home in the middle of England. We have 2 children, 1 dog, 2 cats, 2 fish and 1 large allotment which we all enjoy.

If you are interested in how our allotment is progressing then we post articules and progress updates over at theovergrownplot.com

We hope you like VegPlotter and find it useful? We would love any feedback or suggestions for improvement.