About Us @ VegPlotter

In the realm of vegetable gardening, each plot, whether a homestead, school garden, market garden or small farm, tells its own unique story. You, the gardener, are at the heart of this story, shaping and nurturing your garden through the seasons. We built VegPlotter to support you on this rewarding journey, offering our innovative garden planning software to make your life easier and giving you the space and time to enjoy it.

Tackle Gardening Challenges with Confidence

We understand that gardening is a labor of love, filled with decisions that shape the future of your green space. From deciding what and when to plant, succession planting, companion planting, to crop rotation and optimizing your garden layout for maximum yield, the questions can seem endless. VegPlotter is designed to simplify these complexities, allowing you to focus on the joys of gardening.

Expertise and Innovation at Your Service

Founded by Richard Lewis and further nurtured by his business partner, Alex White, VegPlotter is born from real gardening experiences. As gardeners themselves, they have encountered and overcome many of the challenges you face. This firsthand knowledge has been poured into every feature of VegPlotter, crafting a garden planner that is both intuitive and comprehensive.

Features Tailored to Your Gardening Needs

  • Personalized Plans: Our app adapts to your unique gardening style and local climate conditions, offering tailored advice.
  • Effortless Tracking: Keep a detailed log of your garden's progress, from planting to harvest.
  • Accessible Anytime, Anywhere: Stay connected to your garden with our cross-platform app, whether you're at home or in the field.

Empowering Educators and Future Gardeners

VegPlotter extends its capabilities to classrooms, aiding educators in integrating gardening into their curriculum, nurturing young minds to appreciate the wonders of growing their own food.

Your Garden's Success is Our Goal

At VegPlotter, we're committed to supporting your gardening aspirations. We're here to provide the tools and advice you need to see your garden flourish. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned green thumb, our platform is designed to enhance your gardening experience.

Grow with Us

Embark on your gardening adventure with VegPlotter by your side. Join our community and witness your garden transform into a vibrant and productive oasis.

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