Celeriac is a large root producing a celery flavoured white flesh. The chances are your nursery will not stock young plants for transplanting, so you will have to start from seed. It requires a long growing season (4 months) and can take two to three weeks to germinate.

Midlands, UK

Sow Indoors / Plant Out

Sow Indoors
Plant Out

How To Grow

For best results sow indoors 10 weeks before planting out in May or June. Sprinkle seeds over a fine compost, do not cover seed as they need sunlight to germinate (2-3 weeks). When the plants are large enough to handle transplant into small pots, 1 plant per pot. Continue to keep the seedlings in a warm sunny place. When the plants are about 10cm tall they should be hardened off in a cold frame before planting out 35cm apart and 35cm between rows. As the plants grow, remove any leaves that fall over and start to die.

How/When To Harvesting