Chicory (Endive)

Chicory can be used to make a crisp winter salad. There are two basic types to choose from. The more popular one is the forcing one where roots are kept in the dark during the winter months.

How To Grow

Prepare the seed bed a few days before sowing - rake a purpose fertilizer into the surface. Sow them very thinly (3 or 4 cms deep) and cover with soil.

How/When To Harvesting

The chicory is ready when about 15 cms high. Cut just above the level of the crown. Water the compost and replace the cover - smaller, secondary chicons will then be produced.

Planting Schedules for Location: Leesburg, Virginia

Sow Direct

Sow Direct

Sow Indoors / Plant Out

Sow Indoors
Plant Out
  • Sow Depth: 4 cm
  • Spacing Between Rows: 30 cm
  • Spacing Along Row: 15 cm
  • Number plants per Square Foot: 4