Dill is a tall herb with fine, feathery foliage. Foliage colour can range from dark green to a blue-green. In mid-summer, dill will produce large, flat topped yellow flower clusters with seeds that can be harvested for culinary use.

How To Grow

Dill performs best in a full sun location in moist, well-drained soil. Dill does best when it is directly sown in the garden, because the tap root system makes it difficult to transplant successfully. Sow the seeds in the spring one to two weeks before the last frost. Because dill reseeds readily, plants left in the garden in the fall will drop seeds that will germinate in the spring. To ensure a fresh supply of dill leaves, make successive sowing of dill every two weeks through the growing season as plants decline soon after they start to flower (bolt).

How/When To Harvesting

To harvest the seeds, cut the stems when the flower-heads have turned brown. Tie a paper bag over each flower-head and hang the stems upside-down in bunches.

Planting Schedules for Location: Leesburg, Virginia

Sow Direct

Sow Direct
  • Sow Depth: 1 cm
  • Spacing Between Rows: 30 cm
  • Spacing Along Row: 25 cm
  • Number plants per Square Foot: 1