Mint is a perennial herb that provides an amazing compliment to many dishes (most famously with lamb and new potatoes). Despite its popularity in the kitchen it is seen as a bully in the herb or veg patch. It grows vigorously and will soon take over a bed if planting out without a barrier for the roots. Best to plant in pots outside your kitchen door for quick access or on a windowsill indoors.


Sow Indoors / Plant Out

Sow Indoors
Plant Out

How To Grow

Mint likes well drained unfertilised soil to grow. Grow in a pot on your patio or window sill. DO NOT PLANT DIRECTLY IN THE GROUND!! Grow from seed or from ready grown seedlings. It will also root easily from cuttings (taken from a friend's plant), simply dip in rooting compound and push into well draining compost on the edge of the pot (between pot and compost).

How/When To Harvesting