Nasturtiums are an attractive addition to the vegetable garden. They provide colour, whilst also being fully edible. Nasturtiums come in climbing or bush varieties. They are known for their peppery leaves and flowers. The seed pods are also edible and are often pickled similar to capers.

How To Grow

Nasturtiums are best planted directly in the soil as they don't like being transplanted. sow approx 3cm deep. Sow once chance of frost has past.

How/When To Harvesting

Pick off flowers and leaves as needed during the growing session. These provide a lovely peppery flavour to salads.

Planting Schedules for Location: Leesburg, Virginia

Sow Direct

Sow Direct

Sow Indoors / Plant Out

Sow Indoors
Plant Out
  • Sow Depth: 3 cm
  • Spacing Between Rows: 30 cm
  • Spacing Along Row: 30 cm
  • Number plants per Square Foot: 2