Sweetcorn (Sugar/Pole corn)

Sweetcorn is delicious, the best sweetcorn for growing in the garden is the early or mid-season type.

How To Grow

Set out the seeds in pairs in a sheltered, sunny position, protected from strong wind, on any fertile garden soil. As the plants are wind pollinated they should be grown in blocks rather than rows. The seeds can also be sown indoors or in a greenhouse from April onwards using a quality seed or multipurpose compost in 7cm fibre pots. The seedlings can be planted out when they are about 15cm tall and after all chances of frost have gone using the same spacing as the directly planted seeds, water well. To conserve moisture and suppress weeds mulch with organic matter and mound soil over the roots.

How/When To Harvesting

When the silky tassels turn brown, the cobs are ready to harvest. To test squeeze a kernel, if a watery liquid comes out the cob isn't ready, if it's creamy the cob is ready, if no liquid is produced the cob is over mature. Twist the cobs sharply to harvest.

Planting Schedules for Location: Leesburg, Virginia

Sow Direct

Sow Direct

Sow Indoors / Plant Out

Sow Indoors
Plant Out
  • Sow Depth: 2 cm
  • Spacing Between Rows: 60 cm
  • Spacing Along Row: 45 cm
  • Number plants per Square Foot: 4