Swiss Chard (Silver Beet)

Is a leaf vegetable grown to be used like spinach. Chard is best harvested whilst the leaves are young but will keep growing more leaves and stems as you pick them.

How To Grow

These are best sown directly in the ground. The seed clusters are fairly large and easy to handle so sow a couple of seeds at the desired spacing then thin seedlings out as they grow to leave one or two plants in each position.

How/When To Harvesting

Harvest when the leaves and stems have formed. Take outer leaves of a few plants and leave those to produce more leaves next time.

Planting Schedules for Location: Leesburg, Virginia

Sow Direct

Sow Direct

Sow Indoors / Plant Out

Sow Indoors
Plant Out
  • Sow Depth: 2 cm
  • Spacing Between Rows: 30 cm
  • Spacing Along Row: 15 cm
  • Number plants per Square Foot: 4