How to use the circular shape controls

This guide talks you through how to change the shape, size of circular items on VegPlotter vegetable garden and allotment planner

You can control the size, shape of any circular shaped item by selecting (clicking / tapping once on the item) then using either of the following methods:

Using item handles

Screenshot of the Circular shape handles used for controlling the shape, size and rotation of circular shaped items in VegPlotter

When the item is selected, you can change the size and shape of a circular item using the square yellow Size Control shown on the edge of the circle in this screenshot.

Note: Beds have an addition row direction control

This allows you to set the default row direction for each bed. Plant rows line up with this as you add them.

Using right hand menu fields

Screenshot of the Bed Details menu showing fields for controlling the shape and size of circular shaped items in VegPlotter

When a circular item is selected the item details menu is displayed in the right hand menu.

Here you can use the Width/Diameter and Row Direction fields to set the size values exactly.

Hit Update when you've entered the desired values to update the actual item.