Garden Planner Keyboard Shortcuts

Become a elite garden planner by knowing all of VegPlotters keyboard shortcuts

VegPlotters garden planner allows you to use the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • Zoom In / Out of plan - Hold [Ctrl] or [Cmd] key whilst scrolling the mouse wheel or two finger scrolling laptop trackpad etc.
  • ←↑↓→ arrow keys move selected items in the corresponding direction.
  • Delete selected item(s) - [Delete] or [Backspace] keys
  • Duplicate selected bed or structure item(s) - [d] key
  • Multi-select items - hold down [Ctrl] or [Cmd] keys and click items to select. Can be combined with drag box to select below
  • Drag box to select items - hold down [Shift] key whilst click and dragging cursor over items to select.
  • Select All plan items - [Ctrl]+[a] or [Cmd]+[a] keys.
  • Unselect all items - [Escape] key
  • Activate Plant menu [p] key. To select, add and change plants on the plan.
  • Activate Bed menu [b] key. To select, add and change beds on the plan.
  • Activate Structures menu [s] key. To select, add and change structures on the plan.
  • Undo Changes - [Ctrl]+[z] or [Cmd]+[z] keys.
  • Redo Changes - [Ctrl]+[y] or [Cmd]+[y] keys.