How to register to use VegPlotter

This guide takes you through the simple steps to register for a free VegPlotter account

Registering for a VegPlotter account is super simple. Just click the Sign up button here or at the top right (on large screen devices) or in the main menu (on tablets and mobiles).

To register for a free account you only need to provide your email address initially.

Once you've entered your email address, tap the Create account button. VegPlotter will then send you an email to confirm your email address.

You will need to click the link contained in that email to activate your account to start using the service.

Once you've clicked the link in the email, VegPlotter will ask you to:

  • choose a username (it will suggest one based on your email address),
  • choose a unique password, and
  • set your default location (to be used as your local climate for planting schedules).


We strongly recommend that you create a unique password for VegPlotter that you haven't used else where. This applies to all services that you use across the internet. Always use unique passwords!

You may need to change your default location

VegPlotter defaults to the location of your Internet Service Provider so you may need to update it if that is along way away.

Start entering the name of a local town and a list of matching places should appear. Select the one that want to use. If you can't find your location using that approach try your postal code or another town with a similar climate.

Once you've clicked Activate Account your account will be fully activated and you will be able to start using VegPlotter's free garden layout planner.

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