How to move and extend plantings

This guide talks you through how to move and extend planting rows and squares in VegPlotters vegetable garden and allotment planner

VegPlotter lets you plan out your planting layout using two planting approaches:

Note: Subscription or Teachers Account may be required if planning more than 40 plantings per year

The ability to add and change plants and planting schedules on your garden plans is limited to 40 plantings for each planning year, unless you have purchased a subscription or are using a teacher's/school account. find out more...

Row Plantings

You can control the length, position, and duplicate planting rows using the planting row handles.

Screenshot of the Garden Planner showing the planting row handles

These let you:

Moving and Adjusting Rows

You can move rows by dragging them.

They can be resized or adjusted using the yellow or blue handles at the ends of the row

Rows with yellow handles will extend to the edge of the bed or up to another planting row.

Rows with blue handles have a fixed length as you move them arround.

Double Tapping on a row will change it from auto-length (yellow handles) to fixed-length (blue handles) and vice versa.

Extending / Duplicating Rows

The middle row handle lets you quickly create multiple rows. Drag this handle out in any direction to make multiple copies of a row.

Rows will be automatically spaced to match the required spacing for the plant.

Square Foot Gardening Plantings

Plants added to Square Foot Gardening (SFG) beds will fit to the SFG squares of the bed. You can move planting blocks between squares or to different beds and duplicate them using the planting handles.

Screenshot of the Garden Planner showing the planting SFG handles

These let you:

Move SFG Planting Squares

You can move sfg planting squares by dragging and dropping them where you want.

You can also drag them to other beds. Even to other row based beds and back again.

Extending / Duplicating SFG Planting Squares

Drag any of the 4 sfg planting handles to create duplicate planting SFG planting squares.