How to make the plan work on the Brave Browser

This guide shows you have to enable the planner to work with the Brave privacy browser

The Brave Browser is great for protecting your privacy and we support that, but in doing so it changes the way one of the image inspection function works that VegPlotter needs.

Brave does this to stop nafarious advertisers from using hidden or very small images to hide tracking codes.

But because VegPlotter is an image based application it needs these functions to work properly.

To fix the issue:

You need to disable Brave's image fingerprinting protections for the VegPlotter site only, like this (video below shows you too):

  1. Open a VegPlotter page or plan in Brave Browser
  2. Tap the Brave lion icon to the right of the URL (website address)
  3. Change [Block Fingerprinting] to [Allow Fingerprinting]

Thats it; VegPlotter plans should work fully with your Brave Browser. This change enables the InspectImage functions that we need to work properly again. It also does not affect your protections on other sites, and it will still block our google analytics tracking code that we use to monitor traffic volumes etc. But we don't mind and understand.

As always let us know if this still hasn't fixed your issues. (Contact Us)