8 signs of an allotment obsession

Is your allotment taking over the rest of your life?  Is it always on you mind? You might have an Allotment Obsession.

I've had an interest in allotments and growing fruit and veg for approximately 10 years. In that time I've noticed signs that show I'm a true allotment fanatic. Initially I thought it a phase, but I've been seeing these signs for a couple years. So I guess it's not and I've officially gone 'native' in the allotment world. The drive and interest is certainly still there.

I thought I'd share these signs and see if any one has noticed the same or similar experiance:

1. You only ever see allotment related Adverts

Using the internet these days means adverts appearing all over. All I seem to see these days are allotment related ads. Usually greenhouses, veg trugs, and other gardening tools. It's like the whole web is solely focused on allotments and vegetable gardening too. It would be good it they were, every one would be healthier for a start. :)

2. Plastic pots have taken over your house and garden.

Seedlings starting off in pots

Each spring the house and garden get taken over by an invasion of plastic pots. I always feel the need to maximise all window space to germinate and bringing on seedlings. I never have enough space: even my son's bedroom window doesn't escape.

It's not just the spring where this invasion makes it presence know. Throughout rest of the year stacks of them grow in the garage and behind the compost bin too.

3. The world is full of compostable materials

Compost is on my mind far more than is normal. I'll spot things that would compost. This is usually a pile of leaves or clippings on a walk or grass cuttings in the park. When I see these I think what a wasted opportunity. My mind starts exploring the options for how I could get that material to my compost bin. If only I had a trailer!...the volumes of compost I could make! :)

The same applies in pubs and restaurants. I imagine the huge amounts of peelings the must discard. And at home I now enjoy peeling potatoes and prepping veg, purely because it means more for the compost bin.

4. You can't pass a skip without looking


This goes with out saying as skips provide a wealth of opportunity for the allotment holder. Waste wood, cardboard and old windows especially.

5. You have a subconscious need for more pallets

I don't need any pallets. I have 3 leaning against the compost bins with nothing to do other than store my bean poles. But that doesn't stop me subconsciously looking for more. I have to pull myself back form popping in when I see on and asking if I can have it.

6. The weather is a constant concern

Most people check in on their social media or the news etc. when they get up in the morning. The first thing I check is the whether (will there be a frost, do I need to go down to the plot an water etc.).

There are positives to this too. We Usually holiday in the UK so often get rained on and wet. This would have put a dampener on holidays but now means my plants might survive the 2 weeks. That thought always lifts the spirits.

7. You preferred TV is allotment YouTube videos.

TV is certainly changing and I now find that I don't watch tele like I used to. The only real television I watch now is the Bake Off, which is a family tradition in our house. If I do get time to watch anything I now go to YouTube and watch one of the many YouTube Allotmentier's channels.

In Summary

If you're like me then there is clearly no hope for you. Best accept it and be proud!...those beds aren't going to dig themselves! :) I would love to hear any signs you've spotted that highlight your allotment obsession? Let me know on twitter, facebook, or any of the other social channels.

Author: Richard Lewis

I enjoy vegetable gardening, being a dad, building software, sailing, rowing and food.

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