How to add Beds or Pots to your Garden Plan

Beds are a key part of any garden. we show you how easy it is to add to VegPlotter's garden layout planner

You need beds on your plan so that you can add plants. Adding beds is super easy, and you can add all shapes and sizes to match the quirky or regimented garden beds in your actual garden or allotment.

To add beds to your garden plan, you first need to activate or open the bed menu. You may need to tap the menu icon in the top right to open the menu on mobiles, cellphone or smaller screen devices.

Add new bed menu

Note:  activating the bed menu makes the beds on your garden plan active so that you can alter and manipulate them.  Whilst the structure or plant menus are active; you won't be able to select or edit your beds. 

Adding a bed

You just drag the corresponding bed shape icon from the right-hand menu with your finger or the mouse to the garden plan to add a bed of choice.

There are four bed types to choose from, and you can add any number or combination of each to your garden plan.

Moving beds around

To move a bed you simply need to select it by tapping or clicking it. Then drag it to where you need it with your mouse or finger.

Altering the bed dimensions

You can alter the dimensions of any bed on the plot in two ways.

Dragging the yellow handles When selected (clicking/tap on a bed to select it), you can change the bed's size or rotation by dragging the yellow handles. The handles available and the behaviour of each type depends on the type of bed. I've gone into more detail below. In the Bed Details menu You can alter many of the bed's dimensions in the Bed Details section of the right-hand menu when a bed is selected. Again, what aspects you can change this way depends on the shape type.

Types of bed

Rectangular Beds

Controls and handles for Rectangular Beds

Irregular / Polygon Beds

Polygon Beds allow you to create free form beds of any shape and size. Controls and handles for controlling irregular or polygon beds

Circular Beds

Circular Beds are great for representing planters or pots.
Controls for Circular beds

Square Foot Gardening Bed

Square Foot Gardening beds are essentially rectangular beds split into square foot sections. If you are unfamiliar with Square Foot Gardening, checkout What if Square Foot Gardening.

Square Foot Gardening Bed

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