How to set your preferred unit of measure and enter measurements in VegPlotter?

VegPlotter's free garden planner is very fliexible with the units of measure it accepts and can display.

When you first launch VegPlotter it will default to use Metres (or Meters if you're outside the UK). But this is not hardcoded and you can change this to any of the following measurements, including those weird and wonderful ones used by allotment societies and old-timer gardeners and surveyors (pole, perch and rod etc).

To change your preferred unit of measure...

Set your preferred unit of measure

The option to set your preferred unit of measure is available from the plot settings menu. You open this menu by clicking on the cog in the right-hand menu of any plot/garden plan in VegPlotter. So open your VegPlotter garden plan and select your preferred measure (screenshot above)

...but you are not restricted to the Unit of measure you select!

VegPlotter also understands other units of measure; although you can’t select them as your preferred. These are used as subunits of the units above. These include; centimetres (cm), millimetres (mm) and inches (inch OR “). It is useful to know these as you can use them to enter measurements of any of the measurement fields in VegPlotter. For example, even if you’ve selected Feet as your preferred unit of measurement you can still enter “3m 28cm” or “3 meters 28 centimetres” and VegPlotter will convert that to 10 ft and 9 inches for you.

This is incredibly useful for those of you with allotments that are given to you as a 5 rod plot for example. Even though you have set to use meters as your preferred unit of measurement you don’t need to do the conversion. VegPlotter will do that for you. Just enter “5 rods” in the plot length box and VegPlotter will convert it to meters for you.

Neat huh?!

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