How to duplicate a Garden Plan

VegPlotter lets you Duplicate any Garden plan. This let you try out alternative layouts and plans without messing up the original.

If you want to tryout a different layout for your garden before you commit then VegPlotters Garden Planner can help. Just Duplicate your garden plan and tryout your ideas there. Then if you change your mind you can go back to the original.

To duplicate an existing plan you need to load up the plan and then:

  1. Open the plot settings panel in the right hand menu This guide shows you how to open the panel
  2. Tap the dropdown menu in the plot settings panel header.
  3. The tap on the Duplicate option from the plot settings dropdown menu.

VegPlotter will then create a duplicate plot will all structures and beds copied over to the new plan.


If you decide that you no longer need your duplicate plan you can easily delete it or the original. This guide shows you how