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Quick Start Guide

Quick guide to get you planning your vegetable garden with Vegplotter as quickly as possible.

For this short guide we are assuming that you have already registered for a VegPlotter account. If not you'll need to do that here

Once registered and logged in you'll have full access to all of VegPlotter's vegetable garden planning goodness. So lets walk you through how to create your vegetable garden (plot) in VegPlotter.

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How to use VegPlotter from your mobile cellphone or tablet

Our vegetable garden planning software is fully functional on phones and tablets

You'll be pleased to know that our Vegetable Garden Planning software works just as well on mobiles (cellphones for the US) and tablets, as it does on your computer.

You don't need to install anything either as it has been designed to work through your phone or tablet's internet browser (Safari on iPhones, Silk on Kindle, and Chrome on Android etc).

All you need to do is browse to

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How to delete an unwanted plot

how to delete an unwanted plot from vegplotter's free vegetable garden planning software

Have you been trying out various layout ideas in our vegetable garden planning tool. If you have you may have a lot of unwanted plots that are making your MyPlots menu look untidy.

To tidy this up you can delete any unwanted VegPlotter plots from the Plot Settings menu.

  1. Open the plot you want to delete
  2. Open the right hand plot settings menu (click or tap the cog icon)
  3. Under the more settings menu (three dots on top right) there is a Delete option

See screenshot above.

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How to add paths, patios and decking to your plan

Adding paths, patios and decking to our free allotment and garden planning tool is easy

It is easy and quick to add paths and patios to your VegPlotter plan.

To find out how either read the article or watch the video below. If you have a path made out of a type if material that isn't available in VegPlotter. Then let us know here and we will add it for you.

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Unique Month by Month Approach

VegPlotter's unique month by month approach allows you to make the most of you vegetable garden or allotment. uses a unique month by month approach to planning your vegetable garden. Our allotment planner shows only the plants you have in the ground in any one month.

This approach as many advantages over other tools available. The main being it highlights where and when you have gaps. This allows you to plan for and plant follow-on crops or green manures. You then get the most from your limited growing space.

Another advantage is that it allows you to see the key jobs on your plot, right there on your VegPlotter plan! And as VegPlotter works on smartphones, right in your garden as well.

Screenshot of VegPlotters Month by Month SelectorChanging months is easy in our garden planning software. Click the arrows on our month by month selector. As you do, you'll notice that the plants in your plan change. Labels are added to those plants where you need to sow, plant out or harvest in that month.

VegPlotter's allotment planner has algorithms that calculate the planting schedules for your local climate. It also allows you to set your own schedules if needed.

Changing planting schedules

With your garden open in our planning software, click on the plant or row. This opens the Planting Details section in the right-hand menu. Here you can alter the schedule for the selected plant to suit your own plan.

So, if you are an expert grower and know what you are doing, VegPlotter does not restrict you. It provides the flexibility to set your own schedules. Or, if you're new to growing will VegPlotter sets the schedule for you to get you started.

To use VegPlotter's allotment and vegetable garden software, simply Register (it's FREE!)

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