How to get started with VegPlotter

Quick guide to get you started with our vegetable garden planner

For this short guide we are assuming that you have already registered for a VegPlotter account. If not you'll need to do that here

Once registered and logged in you'll have full access to all of VegPlotter's vegetable garden planning goodness. So lets walk you through how to create your vegetable garden (plot) in VegPlotter....

We have now split the guide into two separate pages. One for Mobiles, Cellphones and Tablets and the other for Computers and Laptops. Click on the relevant section below:

1. Create a new plot/garden

To create a plot simply click or tap the [Create New Plot] from the MyPlots Menu. If you're on a mobile or tablet with a smaller screen the menu may be hidden and can be shown by tapping on the VegPlotter logo.

Menu on Desktop

ALT-TEXT The full menu is displayed on larger screens

Menu on Phone

ALT-TEXT The menu is hidden on phones and tablets and can be opened by tapping the VegPlotter logo.

2. Set your vegetable garden layout

3. Plan your planting schedule

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