New Version Released - Planting Improvements

We've listened to feedback and have made a number of changes to our Free Allotment Planning Software

Since we launched in January we have had an amazing take up of our vegetable garden planner. This exceeded all our expectations. Thank you to all. We also received incredible feedback and can see that it is being used to good affect. Thank you to all those that wrote to thank us. We love to hear from you and how you are using VegPlotter.

Many kindly made suggestions too, and we have listened to each one. Today we released a new version that incorporates many of these suggested improvements. We hope you like :)


Fixed and Flow Plant Rows

Plant Details menu

We hope you like the changes released in this new version. If you sent us suggestions that weren't included. Thank you, we have not forgotten and are working on including as many as possible in our next release.

If you have any other suggestions we love to here from you. You can contact us using the Contact us form or Suggestion box at the bottom of each page if logged in.

If you like and find VegPlotter useful please share it with your friends, or on Twitter / Facebook and help us get the word out. :)

Thank you

Richard @overgrownplot

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