How to edit your planting schedules

This guide talks you though how to change the planting / growing schedule of plants that you've already added to your plan

Note: Subscription or Teachers Account may be required if planning more than 40 plantings per year

The ability to add and change plants and planting schedules on your garden plans is limited to 40 plantings for each planning year, unless you have purchased a subscription or are using a teacher's/school account. find out more...

If you select any planting row or block on your plan, you can alter it's planting / growing schedule in the right hand menu.

When you select a plant on your plan the Planting Details menu appears in the the right-hand panel

When you've made changes to any of the planting schedule fields in the Planting Details panel. Hit the Update button to save your changes.

There are a few points to consider when doing this:

screenshot showing the top of VegPlotters planting details panel

At the bottom of the planting details panel when a plant is select you will find the planting schedule fields.

This will show slightly different sowing fields dependant on whether the plant has been added as a:

  • Sow Direct Type - where you plant to put seed straight in the ground or bed. This type of planting will not include a Sow Indoors date.
  • Sow Indoors and Plant Out Type - where you plan put plants in the ground as young plants. This type of planting will include a Sow Indoors date option as per this screen shot.

Note: You can switch between each type

Just tap [Change to Sow Direct] or [Change to Plant Out] as shown.
screenshot showing the harvest fields for Plant out type plantings with the Sow Indoors field

The harvest fields also change if the plant is a:

  • Perennial - Plant that stays in the ground year after year. For example: fruit bushes and trees, rhubard and asparagus.
    Perennial plants harvest schedule values will not include a year (just the months)
    An additional Comes Out field will be available to use if you plan to remove the plant. By default perennial plants will have no Comes Out (Not Set) date and remain in the ground.
screenshot showing the the perennial harvest date fields of the planting details panel
  • Annual & Biannual - Any plant that has a defined life span, usually 1 (annual) or 2 (biannual) years. Once the last harvest is done these plants will die off and be removed from the garden.
    Annual & Biannual plants have no Comes Out
    Harvest month fields will need a year for this plant type.
screenshot showing the the annual harvest date fields of the planting details panel

How to apply a schedule across multiple plantings (of same plant type)

You can copy / apply a planting schedule across other rows / blocks of the same plant type. This saves loads of time and allows you to apply schedules to plants on the plan quickly.

To do this you need to FIRST select the plant that you want to copy the schedule from.

Then using the multi-select buttons or holding down [Ctrl] or [Cmd] keys select all plantings rows or blocks that you want to copy the schedule to.

Then hit the Update button in the selection details panel (in right hand menu) to apply the schedule to all of the selected plantings.