Garden Planner's User Interface and Controls

This guide talks you through the functions of each of the buttons and controls of VegPlotters unique garden and allotment planner

The garden plan interface is broken down in to three sections as per the screen shot below. This guide goes in to more detail about each.

Screenshot of the Garden Planner page of VegPlotter with the three key areas highlighted

Note: for Mobile and Smartphone Users

The interface on devices with smaller screens is the same but the right hand menu is hidden by default. It can be opened by tapping the icon at the top right of the page.

Plan Area section

These are the main controls in the plan area section of the Garden Planner:

screenshot showing VegPlotters zoom controls

Zoom Controls - are found at the bottom right corner of the plan area. You can use these to zoom in and out of the your garden plot / plan.
The scale of the current view is also displayed here.

screenshot showing VegPlotters snapshot control button

Snapshot Button - found at the top right corner of the plan area. You can use this to take a picture or snapshot your plot.

You can then print out or use the image whereever you like. Why not post it on social media to get feedback on your plans from your online friends.

screenshot showing VegPlotters Undo and Redo buttons

Undo and Redo Buttons - found at the top right corner of the plan area once you have made some changes. You can use these to undo and redo changes that you've made to your plans. So if you make a mistake you can undo the changes.

screenshot showing VegPlotters multiselect control buttons

Multi-select Items control buttons - found at the bottom left corner of the plan area. You can use these to select multiple items at once so that you can move or rotate them as a group.

  • The left button allows you to tap / click on multiple items in turn to select them
  • The right button allows you to drag a box to select the items within.

Note: The Active Menu still applies...

Both buttons will only select the items as per the active side panel menu. So if you last opened the plant menu these will only allow you to select plants. Same for bed menu and beds and structures menu for structures.

screenshot showing VegPlotters selected item controls

Selected Item Controls Found at the top left of the plan area. These allow you to:

  • Delete the selected item(s) - top icon
  • Duplicate (copy and paste) the selected item(s) - bottom icon

Note: Selected items only

These icons only appear when you have one or more plan items selected.

screenshot showing VegPlotters month selector controls

Month Selector - found at the top of the plan area. You can use this to move through the months. The plan will update to show only items that will exist in that month. As per your planting and other item schedules.

Note: The month shown is important

If you add a plant to your plan, VegPlotter will assume you intend to sow/plant it in that month. And it will calculate harvest times accordingly.

screenshot showing VegPlotters Selected Item Handle controls

Selected Item Handle Controls - usually bright yellow (sometimes blue) they are found on an item when you select it. These allow you to manipulate the size and shape of, or rotate, an item on the plan.

The item handle controls are different depending on the type of item selected (click below for more about each):

Side Panel (right-hand menu)

The side panel on the right of the garden plan / plot page is where you can find items to add to your plans. It is also where you can fine tune the plot and item settings, as well as attach notes and photos to plan items.

The side panel is made up of the following parts:

Selected Items Details Panel

When an item is selected on the plan, a panel will be displayed in the right-hand menu showing the details for that item.

Here you can make changes and update the item using the fields displayed. Different fields will be displayed for each type of item.

You can also add notes and photos using the Notes section underneath the item details section. These will be attached to the selected item.

screenshot showing the sidepanel item details panel

Add New Item Menus

When you tap on and activate the add new item icons at the top of the side panel, the add new item panel for that type of item will be displayed. This one shows the Add New Plants panel.

This will let you drag on new items to your garden plan.

screenshot showing add new plants panel