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How to change the default plant row direction

How to change the row directions for new plants added to your vegetable garden plan

VegPlotter has a unique drag and drop mechanism that helps you quickly and easily add rows of plants to your garden plans. The default row direction for plants in a bed is vertical (when looking at your garden plan). But you can easily change the default planting row direction for each bed as follows.

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How to add Beds or Pots to your Garden Plan

Beds are a key part of any garden. we show you how easy it is to add to VegPlotter's garden layout planner

You need beds on your plan so that you can add plants. Adding beds is super easy, and you can add all shapes and sizes to match the quirky or regimented garden beds in your actual garden or allotment.

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How to Add Plants to your VegPlotter Garden Plan

Adding plants and other items to you vegetable garden plan couldn't be easier

It is quick and easy to add plants to your garden plan. But there are a few things you need to know before doing so. Once you know these three key points, VegPlotter will make your growing life so much more organised.

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How to open the Garden Planner

To use our free vegetable garden planner, you first need to register. Once you have an account, you can do the following to open the planning app.

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Print your Plot

This how to guide talks through how to print your VegPlotter vegetable garden plan.

If you want to refer to your vegetable garden plans in your garden or allotment. You have two choices: Take your mobile / cellular phone with you to the plot and use that to view your Vegplotter plot. Or another approach is print out a copy. This guide talks through how to print out an image of your VegPlotter garden plan.

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