How to add Beds and Pots

Adding beds and pots is super easy and you have four types to choose from

Beds and pots are an essential part of VegPlotter if you want to plan your planting layout and schedules. Plants need to be added to a bed in order to be included on to your Garden plans.

Adding beds and pots is super easy in VegPlotter. Just open the Add Bed menu by clicking on the icon in the right-hand side panel.

Screenshot of the add beds menu

There are four types of bed that you can add to your garden plans. Each can be used as planters or pots too. Just adjust the size to suit once added.

  • Rectangular Bed / Pot
  • Irregular Shaped Bed / Pot
  • Circular Bed / Pot
  • Rectangular Square Foot Gardening Bed

How to drag on a bed / pot

Just drag on the type of bed you want to add from the menu to the plan. Super easy!

Once added you can change the move, resize or rotate the bed as you need. You can set the default direction for plants that will be added to it too.