How to add Structures and Paths

Adding Structures and Paths to your garden plans is super easy

VegPlotter has many items that you can add to your Garden Plans. The majority of these can be found in the Structures menu.

Adding structures and paths is super easy in VegPlotter. Just open the Add Structures menu by clicking on the icon in the right-hand side panel.

Screenshot of the add beds menu

There are many types of Structure and ground covering that you can add to garden plans.

You can scroll through the list in the right-hand menu or use the search box at the top to find what you need.

Can't find what you need...

If there are any structures, ground coverings or paths that you would like to see included in VegPlotter then please let us know using the Suggestions box at the bottom of this page (you must be logged in or Contact us if not).

How to drag on a Structure / Path

Just drag on the type structure you want to add from the menu to the plan. Super easy!

Once added you can change the move, resize or rotate it as you need: