How to add plants and plan your planting schedule

VegPlotter takes out alot of the fiddly nature of planning your planting layout and super easy to build a successful planting schedule.

Adding plants to your plans is a easy as dragging on the plant from the Plants menu in the right hand panel. But you need to consider these points (click on each to find out more) :

Note: Subscription or Teachers Account may be required if planning more than 40 plantings per year

The ability to add and change plants on your garden plans is limited to 40 plantings for each planning year, unless you have purchased a subscription or are using a teacher's/school account. find out more...

Adding Plants to a plan

Adding plants to beds or pots is super easy in VegPlotter. Just open the Add Plants menu by clicking on the icon in the right-hand side panel.

Then drag on the plant from the menu onto a bed. Depending on they type of bed and plant it will add a single plant, row of plants, or if it's a Square Foot Gardening bed, a 1x1ft or 2x2ft block.


Plant rows will match the default row direction that you've set for the bed. You can adjust the rows once added if needed as per this guide .

Moving through the Months - The Active Month is important!

screenshot showing VegPlotters month selector controls

VegPlotter makes it really simple to plan your planting schedule by using the tried and tested month by month approach. It helps by:

  • Listing what you can plant/sow that month
    The right-hand menu lists the Plants that you can sow or plant out that month at the top.
    Those not recommended in that month are greyed out (although you can still add those if you wish).
  • The plan shows only what will be in the ground in that month - Add a plant in any month and then move back one month and you will see that the plants added will disappear.
    Same if you move to an month after the last harvest.
    This makes it really easy to see where you can add a follow-on crop

Move through the months...The plants available will change with the seasons...
And the plants on the plan change too! all in line with your local climate and your own planting schedule.

So planning is really easy - just go month by month. Drag on what you want to add for a month. Then move on to the next...

You can plan as far in to the future as you need. No need to have a separate or duplicate plan for next year!

The month by month approach also works for beds and structures - so you can even plan when you intend to add new beds or upgrade with a new greenhouse etc.

Setting Plant or Sow Out planting types

There are two types of planting schedule in VegPlotter.

  • Sow Direct - when you are sowing seed direct in the ground.
  • Plant Out - Sow indoors then plant out as seedling. Use plant out for seedlings bourght at the garden center or store too.

You can set which type you want to add before adding a plant by tapping the (plant out) or (sow direct) icons to the right of the plant in the menu.

This will toggle between the two types (selected option is green). Then just drag on the plant.

Note: You can change the type once added

You can change the schedule type from the planting details menu. find out more...

Finding plants in the Add Plant menu

You can use any of the plant search tools at the top of the Add Plants menu

  • Find Plant search box - will find plants by name
  • When active, filters out untimely plants (those that VegPlotter thinks you shouldn't add in the active month)
  • When active, filters the plant list to show your Custom Plants (Custom Plants are an Advanced level subscription feature) find out more.
  • When active, filters the plant list to only show your favourite plants (tap the star next to a plant to favourite it)