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New Allotment Journal & Notes feature (plus other improvements)

We're added some new features to our vegetable garden planner.

I'm excited to to let you know that I have released a new version of our vegetable garden planner. This short video takes you through the new features. I've also summarised the changes in the rest of the article if you prefer to read about them.

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New Feature: Borders and Boundary Shapes

We've added some new features to VegPlotter that allow you to make out areas of your allotment or vegetable garden plans

You can now add borders and boundaries such as fences and gates to your vegetable garden plans. These work in a very similar way to bed and structures. Simply drag them on to your VegPlotter plan and then position and reshape to match your fence or border.

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6 Vegetables All Beginners Should Grow

Our recommended vegetables to grow if you are a beginner.

You're excited to get started. The idea of getting your hands in the soil and tending your crops is the focus of your thoughts. But when you get there and see the empty beds it can be a daunting task. Knowing what to grow takes experience and that will only take time.

If you haven't dig out or created your vegetable beds yet then you might want to start with our Starting vegetable garden from scratch article.

After a couple of years you'll know what you like and have a stock set of vegetables that you like grow year on year. Until that time we recommend you try these 6 plants that every beginner vegetable grower should try. All are easy to grow and likely to give you very good harvests in your first year.

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Is an Allotment for me?

We talk through the Pros and Cons of taking on an Allotment.

Many people toy with the idea of taking on an allotment. The thought of spending days or evenings pottering around or the dream of eating homegrown veggies is on the wish list of many. So why do so many people stop there? Is it the thought of all that work, or not feeling like they know enough to make a success of it?

People have many preconceptions of working an allotment. Some are accurate but most are not or can easily be avoided. In this article, I run through the main reasons for and against taking on an allotment and what you really need to consider when deciding if allotment holding is for you.

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How to add paths, patios and decking to your plan

Adding paths, patios and decking to our free allotment and garden planning tool is easy

It is easy and quick to add paths and patios to your VegPlotter plan.

To find out how either read the article or watch the video below. If you have a path made out of a type if material that isn't available in VegPlotter. Then let us know here and we will add it for you.

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