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Square Foot Garden Planner

Our free vegetable garden layout planner has a new Square Foot Gardening feature.

VegPlotter now allows you to plan out your Square Foot Garden. It has been a long time coming, and I'm so pleased to be able to launch this new feature.

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New Allotment Journal & Notes feature (plus other improvements)

We're added some new features to our vegetable garden planner.

I'm excited to to let you know that I have released a new version of our vegetable garden planner. This short video takes you through the new features. I've also summarised the changes in the rest of the article if you prefer to read about them.

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New Feature: Borders and Boundary Shapes

We've added some new features to VegPlotter that allow you to make out areas of your allotment or vegetable garden plans

You can now add borders and boundaries such as fences and gates to your vegetable garden plans. These work in a very similar way to bed and structures. Simply drag them on to your VegPlotter plan and then position and reshape to match your fence or border.

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VegPlotter Update - Measurements displayed on diagram

We've listened to your feedback and have made it easier to get accurate measurements into our allotment planning software.

Thank you to those of you that suggested this change. We hope you find the changes useful. As always let us know if you would like us to make any changes to VegPlotter. Get in touch on any of the social media platforms or using our Contact Us Form.

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New Version Released - Planting Improvements

We've listened to feedback and have made a number of changes to our Free Allotment Planning Software

Since we launched in January we have had an amazing take up of our vegetable garden planner. This exceeded all our expectations. Thank you to all. We also received incredible feedback and can see that it is being used to good affect. Thank you to all those that wrote to thank us. We love to hear from you and how you are using VegPlotter.

Many kindly made suggestions too, and we have listened to each one. Today we released a new version that incorporates many of these suggested improvements. We hope you like :)


Fixed and Flow Plant Rows

  • Give option to move plants without extending them to the bed boundary: You can now switch between two plant modes: 'Flow' and 'Fixed'. You can switch between modes by double clicking the plant / row.

    • Plants in 'Flow' mode will extended to the bed boundaries or up to other plants if in the way. Plants in this mode have yellow drag handles (see screenshot).

    • Plants in 'Fixed' mode will not extend and will maintain the row length if there is enough space in the bed. They will also maintain their orientation, even when moving between beds. Plants in this mode have blue drag handles (see screenshot).
  • Make trees single plants: Now when you drag a tree on to the plot it places a single tree only. If you do want a full row of trees double click/tap the base of the tree to turn it to 'Flow' mode or drag out the handles.

Plant Details menu

  • Allow for custom plant spacings: This was requested by a few of you and we could not deny you all :). So you can now alter the spacings for any plant on your plot. Select the plant and change the spacing using the options in the Plant Details menu on the right (see Screenshot). We've included fields to set the spacing between and in (along) the row.

  • Allow us to share our plots with others: You can now share your plots with others from the Plot Details menu (click Cog in right hand menu). Select Yes in the share field. You can then copy the URL (web address) and share it with others (on facebook, twitter, email etc). This allows you show friends what you plan to plant, when and where. It also allows you to receive feedback. I've shared my plot as an example which is available here

We hope you like the changes released in this new version. If you sent us suggestions that weren't included. Thank you, we have not forgotten and are working on including as many as possible in our next release.

If you have any other suggestions we love to here from you. You can contact us using the Contact us form or Suggestion box at the bottom of each page if logged in.

If you like and find VegPlotter useful please share it with your friends, or on Twitter / Facebook and help us get the word out. :)

Thank you

Richard @overgrownplot

VegPlotter Founder

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